Web Design and Development

Think Steve Austin: I Build Your Site Better. Stronger. Faster. And For Far Less Than Six Million Dollars.

Advanced Photo Retouching

Let’s Put Some Polish in Those Photos – More Vibrant Colors, Seamless Composite Shots, Removal of Unwanted Items.

Print and Environmental Design

From Newspaper Spreads to Sprawling Billboards, Print is Where My Career Began.

Video Editing

What’s Steak Without the Sizzle? Let’s Give Your Videos That Added Look, or Sound, to Really Make Them Shine.

Building Your Brand

My First Question is This: If You Don’t Know Who You Are, How Will Anyone Else?

Original Music and Voiceover

I Rock at More Than Just Web Design. My Voice Isn’t Bad, Either.
Who Is MKFortyTwo?

Who Is MKFortyTwo?

Matthew Koch, Graphic Designer, WordPress Developer and Musician

I have over 20 years of advertising industry experience, including conceptual and design work for many Fortune 500 companies. Over the past 7+ years, I prefer taking a more grassroots approach. It’s my belief that companies with less than 100 employees should have access to the same insightful and creative advertising as companies that employ thousands. More importantly, it often gives me a chance to work face to face with the owners of the company, helping to bring their true creative vision to the world. In my spare time, I write and record original music, and am an avid board gamer, home cook and whiskey aficionado.

I Have Ideas. You Have Notes.