I love to create music. All kinds.

Here are examples of my musical work. I primarily use Logic Pro with heavy use of Kontakt, Heavyocity and Embertone software instruments as well as the guitars, mandolins, basses, toy pianos and kazoos I have on hand. I performed all instrumentation and have written each song (with the exception of the collaboration on the In Fiction tracks with my bandmates). Like what you hear? If so, follow me on Soundcloud for new tracks.

Cinematic and TV score style.

These tracks are punctuated by dark synths, string sections, pounding drums, subtle organic loops and guitars and are influenced by the science fiction and action films and books I geek out over.

A fusion of modern classical and guitars.

This “West Texas” project was inspired by a road trip I took out to Marfa and Fort Davis. The beautiful landscape of the high desert and Chinati Mountains really helped shape a sound in my mind.

Sinister surf meets Spaghetti Western meets Tarantino meets Johnny Cash.

The “Mephistocrats” project is just an excuse for me to bust out my seasick green Fender Jazzmaster. Like I actually needed an excuse… This has elements of surf, rockabilly, latin, jazz, country and blues all mashed together. I even wrote a twisted carnival freak show waltz for the heck of it.

I was in a rock band a while ago, too.

“Godspeed” is a concept album written and recorded in my upstairs home studio over the course of a couple of weeks.